Shut down the DEA and end the war on drugs

Wednesday , January 10, 2018 - 6:00 AM6 comments

I am disgusted by the recent announcement by Attorney General Jeff Sessions that he will be sending federal agents after marijuana users in states which have legalized the substance. The fact that Sessions thinks that marijuana is the same as heroin or other drugs shows just how ignorant he is on this subject.

I have to ask whether his investments in privately-run prisons has anything to do with his refusal to ease up on this issue. The United States currently incarcerates a larger percentage of its population than any other nation on the planet and the war on drugs is a major reason why. Is this something that should happen in the "land of the free?"

This is a horrible step back in terms of the rights of the individual. Government at any level should not prohibit people from putting substances into their own bodies as it implies that politicians own our bodies. If we don't have the right to make decisions regarding our bodies, we have no rights whatsoever. In addition, the federal government has no constitutional authority to prohibit a substance so the 10th Amendment doesn't even allow the federal government to wage a war on drugs.

I encourage the leaders in states that have legalized marijuana to stand against Sessions and refuse to give any sort of aid to his unconstitutional drug crusade.

This decision will also have a negative impact upon people suffering from a variety of diseases. The Trump administration recently made a big fuss over addressing the opioid epidemic. I can assure you that going after medical marijuana will only make that epidemic much worse when people who are suffering and in pain are forced to go back to using those addictive legal drugs.

It's time to put an end to this destructive crusade that has wasted trillions in tax dollars. Shut down the Drug Enforcement Agency and end the war on drugs.

Kevin Bryan


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